I was in a dome,  the roof had big round holes cut out, through which light shone through brightly.  I knew this was the presence and light of God the Father. I was kneeling and worshipping at the feet of Jesus Christ.  One half of the dome was shadowed in darkness and the other half of the dome was in light.  I was in the light but on the edge of the shadow. For quite a while I was worshipping at the feet of Jesus.  Then I asked Him what the shadow was and His response was; " It's the darkness of the enemy." I wanted to get away from the darkness and I really tried hard but it was a big struggle. It was so intense that I panicked.  I begged Jesus for help and asked for his blood to cover me.  Then a red cloud enveloped me. The darkness was still there and the struggle continued,  it was as if the darkness was pulling me like a magnet into it.

At this point I had to grab Jesus' hand. I knew there was a choice that I needed to make. To get away from the darkness I needed to CHOOSE to not have ANYTHING TO DO with the darkness. I desperately wanted to get away from the darkness. Very clearly the word “CHOOSE” was heard in my spirit.  In that moment I chose to go to the light.  The moment I chose to go into the light by my own free will,  the cloud of blood started to push away the darkness.  Angels also came to help with that.  The shadow was gone and I could see the room as a whole.  It was a type of throne room and everything was made out of beige marble with specs of gold, but it was not the main throne room. Jesus sat on the throne and I sat on the steps next to the throne holding the hand of Jesus. Then the roof opened completely and the brightest light filled the whole room. Everything was engulfed in this bright white light. In that moment I knew that everything was, is and will be about Jesus Christ, His glory and his Kingdom.  I sat there at the feet of Jesus and I knew I was preparing to go on a mission,  but I did not know what the mission was at that stage.  I also knew that He would go before me and that he would fight the battle for me.

Later as time progressed I figured out what the vision meant and what the choice was about; either I stand on a worldly platform or I stand on Jesus as my Rock and Foundation and like Abraham I had to be willing to offer Isaac,  which in this case, was my career as a psychologist. I had to be willing to give it up completely as if I never had it and would never receive it back again once I had given it up.

Immediately after that, the Lord also reminded me about Peter who had to trust the Lord to throw out his net on the other side of the boat to catch many more fish. It was there (not by my own power and abilities but by the guidance and counselling of Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father - which I begged for direction and an answer) where I decided to just put my hand in Jesus' blindly. I surrendered myself in humbleness completely before Him. I put my myself on the altar, surrendering my own ambitions, ideas and desires. Similar to a few years ago I handed over to God, this time I said: "Lord I am Yours, do with me what you want." I experienced a kind of peace in that moment that no words can describe. I connected the dots of the vision I had in the hospital; I need to help people to come out of darkness, into the light of Jesus Christ. I voluntary deregistered from the HPCSA a few days later and on the very same day that I deregistered Holy Spirit downloaded the full concept of God’sWays Ministries in my heart and mind. Since then I have experienced His hand in this ministry in extraordinary ways until this day.

The most important part in this journey is that I got to know my Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit in a personal, precious, awesome, glorious way (there are not enough adverbs in this world!!!) Praise and honour and glory to the only God I will ever love and serve!

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