My journey thus far has made quite a few twists and turns. I have worked in the field of emotional healing and education for about 23 years. I was a psychologist at a remedial school and then worked at a psychiatric hospital’s Child-and-Adolescent Unit for many years, whilst running a part-time private practice. After that, I had a full-time private practice for another 11 years. At a moment when I least expected it, God called me into full-time ministry which led to the birth of God'sWays Ministries. I voluntarily deregistered at the HPCSA, as it was very important to God that I work under His covering ONLY. This gave me the freedom to merge my background in mental health with Christian principles to produce fuller, richer, and more Godly fruit for the Kingdom.

Amongst the many milestones on my spiritual journey, the day I partnered with the Holy Triune God to do my work, was highly significant. This was an absolute turning point in my life and career. My journey with Him has deepened richly over the past decade and I am now closely walking with Him to help people to get victory over their problems. It is my absolute priority to glorify my Almighty Father, Saviour, and Friend, Jesus Christ and wisest Counsellor, Holy Spirit, in EVERYTHING.

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